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Step-by step instruction on how to compose a 5-paragraph narrative essay

Composing a 5-paragraph essay is something you should learn and be ready every time you are called upon to do it. You need to have a sharp mind and write with passion. Although some people prefer writing the paper unsystematically, there is a specific order you need to follow.

  • Read the question
    Once you get that essay paper, do not start getting excited but rather try to focus on the question. It is not a waste of time. Your teacher will give you time to read the instructions. In a non-exam setting, this is even better since you have sufficient time to go home and think about the guidelines.
  • Choose an appropriate topic
    The topic you choose should fit your teacher’s instructions. Here, you have been asked to craft a narrative essay and you must think of something that can catch the reader’s mind. Ensure it first impresses you before you can expose it to others. A boring topic is simply similar to doing nothing. You can also read some books and see a few five paragraph essay example college.
  • Create an outline
    This is something you should enjoy while doing. The best way to draft an organized set of instructions is to make sure you read different textbooks and understand everything. A narrative essay outline is relatively open and you are allowed to list down as many points as possible provided you are able to sample out the most significant ones to your essay.
  • Find a good hook
    You have all essential requisites and you are set to go. You now have to use something that than hook up your readers and bring them to your story. Do not use a great hook and then do some shoddy work. The rest of the content must be able to meet expectations and together form an interesting story.
  • Create a thesis statement
    An introduction needs to be completed by a thesis statement. This is a general point that defines your argument. It should be specific to the narrative essay topic you want to choose so that you do not write irrelevant opinions.
  • Support your points
    Every point is important in development of your essay. You need to support every point you put across for better understanding of your opinions. In a narrative essay, you should give strong points and give vivid descriptions for each with an example from your literature books.
  • Conclusion
    Simply agree to your thesis statement by formulating a general comment about it. This is a small section but has multiple benefits as long as your essay is concerned. You can look at sample papers to learn about this essay paragraph structure.

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