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General Essay Writing Tips for College Students

Students need to learn to tackle difficult tasks at school because school keeps getting harder. For instance, high school education is moving away from one-word answer tests. Students have to come up with full answers to respond to questions.

To create a great assignment, a student has to do more than just memorizing the facts. They have to understand what they are talking about. They also have to know ways of expressing themselves concisely and clearly in writing.


Whatever the topic, it’s good to research before you begin to write. If you need to include outside sources, gather links from reputable websites or books that you will require to complete the assignment.

Write your thesis

Now that you have adequate information on the subject, you need to decide what you want to write about. What is your thesis? The essay’s thesis is a statement of a claim which allows the reader to know what the paper is about. Your thesis statement acts as a topic sentence for the whole work.


You need a plan that will guide you while writing. Consider the assignment specifics. Begin with an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and the conclusion paragraph.

Create body paragraphs

The body argues, describes and explains the topic. Each idea must fall into a separate paragraph. The Each body paragraph should present some evidence to support your thesis.

Write the introduction and conclusion

After you are done with writing the body, you need to think about creating the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. The introduction should open with a sentence that will draw the reader’s attention. An interesting statistic, bold question or a famous quotation can be used. The conclusion paragraph is a summary of everything the essay covered. It should end with a sentence that indicates the importance of the topic.

Edit and proofread

Make sure you are through with your paper a few days before it’s due. Keep it aside for at least a day before you edit it. This gives you a chance to look at your work with a clear mind. Identify all the problems and begin to fix them. Take this time to check your punctuation and spelling too. A revised and polished paper can change your grade from a C or a B to an A+.

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