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Deciding on a Topic for Your Essay about Social Media: a List of Fresh Ideas

Choosing a topic can be really a tough thing to do especially when you are in a hurry. You need ample time to choose a good topic based on how you want your story to flow. It is easy to come up with many different topics on a social media essay. You can read various books about this and ensure you understand it fully.

  • Tips for deciding on a cool topic
    You have used the social media before, and you have an idea of what you are dealing with. This means you are better off than a rookie who has never heard of it before. To select a great topic on this, exercise the following.
  • Carry out some research about social media
    It does not matter whether you are a social media wizard or a pro. It is always good to do some research and find out what other ideas are there on the same topic. For sure, you may come across something that may motivate you to pick the best topic. Pay more attention to current issues affecting the various social media platform.
  • Identify a fresh and impressive topic
    You need to understand what a fresh topic is. Check out on the commonest topics available before deciding to formulate one. A fresh topic should be unique and should not be a duplicate of any other topic elsewhere. Your topic counts a lot and you should always think of something that can make your readers develop love towards your work.
  • Focus on topic length
    If you really want to get the best topic, then you have to consider the length. The most boring ones are the extreme topics whether too short or long. Ensure your topic has captured all the major things you want to concentrate on. If everything has not been captured, you can do some modification.

Below are some of the topics for essay on social media.

  1. How has the social media changed since the 19th century and what are the major causes for this?
  2. What are the main social media platforms that help students academically?
  3. How can people avoid fraud cases through the social media?
  4. Is social media the main platform that cause divisions among people of the same country?
  5. How can a government employ the social media to drive its projects?
  6. Should people use Facebook for campaigning or is this against the law?
  7. How can people who use social media to cause chaos be punished?
  8. What is the relationship between Facebook and Twitter?
  9. Has social media been a success in dissemination of information to a country’s population?
  10. What are the major advancements expected in social media?

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